Via Crucis  |  Trinity Lutheran Church, Bay Ridge  |  Brooklyn  |  New York  |  2014

The paintings are each 14" x 9"; painted on 1" thick clear acrylic panels, using acrylic, oil, gold leaf, and egg tempera; mounted on red oak.

i. Pilate Condemns Jesus to the Cross

Source image: The Anastasis (the Resurrection-the Harrowing of Hell), Russia, 14th C

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ii. Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus Carry His Cross

Source image: Stone Carving, Alexandria, Egypt, 4-7th C

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iii. The Weeping Women of Jerusalem

Source image: Jerusalem Cross, or Crusaders’ Cross, or Five-fold Cross, Latin Empire, 13 C

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iv. Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Source image: Processional Cross, Ethiopia, 15th C

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v. Jesus is Deprived of His Clothing

Source image: Wood carving, Ambunti Catholic Church, Papua New Guinea, 21st C

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vi. Jesus is Mocked and Derided

Source image: Enamel Cross, France, 12th C

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vii. Jesus between Two Criminals

Source image: Crucifix, Democratic Republic of the Congo or Angola, 16th C

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viii. Jesus, Mary, and the Beloved Disciple

Source image: Crucifix, Cimabue, Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence, 13th C

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ix. The Dereliction and Death of Jesus

Source image: Khatchkar (Stone Cross), Armenia, 11th C

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x. Testimony of the Roman Centurion

Source image: IC XC NIKA (Jesus Christ Victorious), Greece, 3-4th C

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xi. Jesus’ Side is Pierced with a Lance

Source image: Eastern Orthodox Cross (Arma Christi—with lance and sponge)

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xii. Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Source image: Reliquary Triptych of the Skevra Monastery, 13 C

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xiii. The Burial of Jesus

Source image: Shandwick Stone (Pictish), Scotland, 8th C

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xiv. Jesus’ Body Rests in the Tomb - Resurrection

Source image: Demna Baptismal Font, Tunisia, 4th C

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Permanent installation views